We have extensive experience to assist you with Insurance Claims involving garage door repairs or replacement.

So for assistance with:

  • 24/7 Emergency Response. Phone: 8186 2444 or after hours 0499 178 730
  • Help getting your car out
  • Temporarily securing and making your garage area safe
  • Providing a prompt accurate quote for repair or replacement of your garage door

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Insurance Claims

Garage Door Insurance Claims

A damaged garage door not only compromises the look of your property, but also makes the valuables in your garage exposed to consequential burglary and damage from the elements.

So it’s essential for you to repair or reinstall a damaged garage door as early as practical, to ensure safety. If your garage door gets damaged via driving into it or suffers an unfortunate incident such as vandalism, storm or other damage – Ian’s Garage Door Centre can work closely with your insurance provider to help you replace your existing garage door with a new one if appropriate.

Thankfully, your garage door normally falls under the cover provided by your building insurance policy. If so, the cost of the repairs will be covered by your insurance.

Please contact your insurance company and explain the incident to them, after which they will issue you with a claim number.

They’ll normally suggest that you get a quote, so please contact us for a Free Measure & Quote

After obtaining the quote, you should contact your insurer and provide them with the details. Once they provide approval, we’ll arrange to get the work done promptly.

Ian’s Garage Door Centre has friendly knowledgable staff who will work closely with you and your insurance company (or property agent if it’s a rental property), to ensure that the garage door is quickly back to looking and operating as new!

Garage Door Insurance Claims